Spencer the dog looking forward

Spencer's Story

Spencer was rescued as a terrified stray before his first birthday. Spencer was adopted and returned twice due to his fearful behavior. Tragically, in an attempt to stop his barking, his second adoptive family used a shock collar.

This traumatic experience caused a major setback in Spencer’s progress. He no longer trusted his foster, with whom he had developed a strong bond. Spencer was so fearful as a result of the aversive training that it was uncertain whether he would be adopted again.

Luckily, Spencer learned to trust again through the use of humane training methods. His final adoptive home committed to offering Spencer a safe home, no matter how difficult his issues. He spent the last ten years living a rich, full life with a loving family and passed away at the age of 13. His last few days were filled with love, affection, and scrambled eggs.

While Spencer’s story has a happy ending, many rescue dogs are not so fortunate. Spencer Group was founded to use education and humane training to prevent stories like Spencer’s from happening again.