Shiloh the dog


Shiloh the dogShiloh has squeezed a lot of life into his short six months. Originally a stray in Kentucky with his mother and litter mate, Shiloh was rescued after he was hit by a car, seriously injuring himself. When Shiloh was transported to Safe Hands Rescue in Minnesota, he first underwent a surgery to repair his badly-injured legs, which required a six-week recovery.

Then he was transferred to his current foster home, Dan, who is committed to providing Shiloh with training and support to become a more confident and less fearful adult dog. To help with that, Dan and Safe Hands Rescue applied for a Spencer Scholarship. Because Shiloh is still young and developing, we believe he may be a good candidate for behavioral modification. He may respond well to behavioral medications, as well. So, Spencer Group will have Shiloh evaluated by one of our partner veterinarians to have him assessed.

From there, Dan will work with one of our trainers to provide Shiloh with desensitization,  confidence-building, and enrichment activities that will help him learn to trust humans. Shiloh has a long road ahead of himself, but he also has a dedicated team with the rescue, his foster, a veterinarian who can evaluate his needs, and a Spencer Group trainer.

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