evan and maddie arriving in rescue 2014

Evan and Maddie

Evan and Maddie looking at their new homeRescued from a brutal hoarding situation with multiple dogs, Evan and Maddie came to Coco’s Heart Rescue traumatized and terrified of humans. Initially, fostered with different families, Maddie was eventually transferred to Carol’s home and was reunited with Evan.

The dogs struggled with the most basic challenges. Housetraining was difficult for them because they were afraid of doorways. They struggled with the sounds of the suburb they were being fostered in but grew comfortable living in their foster home with Carol. They even started to like being pet and playing with toys!

When Carol was awarded a Spencer Scholarship, she wanted to help the dogs learn to go in and out doorways and build their confidence with people so they could eventually be adopted. With the help of a Spencer Scholarship trainer, Evan and Maddie learned to love training and developed many useful skills, like walking in and outdoors, housetraining, filing their own toenails, and even waving hello to visitors. Still, the perfect home eluded them for six years.

Evan and Maddie in their new homeCarol, their foster, had accepted the fact that these two would live with her forever, but then she received an unexpected application . . . a home in the country willing to accept not one, but two special needs dogs.

Spencer Group is delighted to announce that Evan and Maddie have found their forever home with a family who is committed to their ongoing positive reinforcement training. In their new home, Evan and Maddie are thriving. They are learning to run and play in their big yard with Teresa, Steve, and their dog Nikki. 

Training Videos with Evan and Maddie

Evan and Maddie getting peanut butter from their new person steve

“Sometimes helping a foster dog reach takes more than just a patient foster home, good food and veterinary care to help them reach their full potential. Evan was a dog from a hoarding situation who needed extra training support during the six years he waited for adoption. The positive training he received through the Spenser Scholarship helped him to be more confident and trusting, and ultimately put him on a path to the bright future he has his new forever home. I am grateful the scholarship is available to assist those deserving dogs who need the extra help.” ~ Carol, foster

Evan and Maddie showing off a pile of their toys in their new home
Evan and Maddie with their adopter

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