Esme and Tia after arriving in MN

Esme and Tia

Esme and Tia in original shelterMary fostered Esme and Tia, two fearful bonded chihuahuas that lived at Save a Sato shelter in Puerto Rico for two years before being transferred to Ruff Start Rescue in Minnesota. The rescue had open walls and metal roofs, which served as the dogs’ shelter during two hurricanes. Esme and Tia exhibited fear toward humans and anxiety during storms when they arrived in Mary’s house.

When our Spencer Group trainer began meeting with Mary, Esme and Tia withdrew from human touch and could not be leashed or walked. They moved around comfortably when no one was present, but cowered in a corner when people were nearby.

Mary was seeking ways to help Esme and Tia socialize with people and develop confidence.

Spencer Group awarded several training sessions to Esme and Tia and also provided them with a veterinary consult. The dogs eventually learned to come out and even solicit attention from Mary, who eventually adopted them. Today, they are happy and healthy in their new home and are learning to feel safe during storms.

Esme and Tia post adoption

“Their moments and displays of curiosity make my heart explode.” Mary, their foster/adopter

“I am happy with the plan and so grateful for the support.” (After seeing the veterinarian for anxiety medications.) Mary, their foster/adopter

“Being home every day, offering them more of my time has made all of the difference.” Mary, their foster/adopter

“I cannot thank you [veterinarian] and Spencer Group enough for the consult and recommendation.” Mary, their foster/adopter, to veterinarian

“Feels nice when we all come together and make a difference.” Kristen, DVM  

Esme and Tia post adoption

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