Clyde at Training Session


Clyde at Foster HomeClyde who came into rescue with his pal, Bonnie. Initially, he was housed in a rural shelter for months, shut down and terrified. Eventually, the shelter relinquished Bonnie and Clyde to Adopt a Husky Minnesota, where the pair was able to transition into a loving, patient foster home. Their foster family, Kristen and Jason, were dedicated to helping Bonnie and Clyde learn to trust people so they would eventually be adoptable. Bonnie quickly learned to appreciate the comforts of living in a home, but Clyde continued to struggle. 

That’s when Adopt a Husky Minnesota reached out to Spencer Group.

Kristen and Jason have worked tirelessly with their Spencer Group trainer to help Clyde not only learn to feel comfortable with people, but to approach and solicit contact with them, as well. This past July, Clyde had a major breakthrough when, after a-year-and-a-half in rescue, he began allowing Kristen and Jason to pet him.

The journey has been long for Clyde and Bonnie, but thanks to teamwork, dedicated fosters, and a committed rescue, we are happy to report that Bonnie and Clyde are currently available for adoption through Adopt a Husky Minnesota! We look forward to working with their permanent home, too.

Cyde Behind Bonnie
Clyde Soliciting Pets

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